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Welcome to CaMPDB, Calpain for Modulatory Proteolysis Database

CaMPDB is a database on calpain, a calcium-dependent protease as well as one of the most typical enzymes of modulatory proteolysis.This database mainly consists of three parts: calpain, its substrates and calpastatin (endogenous inhibitor protein specific to calpain). You can connect to each of them by clicking the corresponding term provided in the above bar. Each is organized in the same manner, having four subparts: Overview, Browse, Search, Statistics.   ≫ More

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Data Summary (Version: Thu-Sept-19-2013)

1496 calpain sequences (CL)
2018 calpain substrate sequences
104 curated sequences (SB)
1914 expanded sequences (XSB)
209 calpastatin sequences (CT)

Total : 3723 sequences   ≫ More

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D duVerle, I Takigawa, Y Ono, H Sorimachi, H Mamitsuka, CaMPDB: a Resource for Calpain and Modulatory Proteolysis, Genome Informatics 22: 202-214 (2009) [ pubmed / doi / journal ]