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2064 Substrate Sequences

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XSB2988major intrinsic protein of lens fiber [Oryctolagus cuniculus]Oryctolagus cuniculus (rabbit)263FASTA
XSB2989major intrinsic protein [Cavia porcellus]Cavia porcellus (domestic guinea pig)263FASTA
XSB2990Lens fiber major intrinsic proteinCavia porcellus (domestic guinea pig)263FASTA
XSB2991major intrinsic protein of lens fiber [Ovis aries]Ovis aries (sheep)263FASTA
XSB2992PREDICTED: similar to Vimentin [Equus caballus]Equus caballus (horse)468FASTA
XSB2993vimentin variant 4 [Homo sapiens]Homo sapiens (human)228FASTA
XSB2994PREDICTED: similar to Vimentin, partial [Ornithorhynchus anatinus]Ornithorhynchus anatinus (platypus)278FASTA
XSB2995unnamed protein product [Homo sapiens]Homo sapiens (human)173FASTA
XSB2996PREDICTED: similar to Rho family GTPase RhoA [Mus musculus]Mus musculus (house mouse)193FASTA
XSB2997aplysia ras-related homolog A2 [Rattus norvegicus]Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)193FASTA
XSB2998putative RhoA GTPase variant 3 [Taeniopygia guttata]Taeniopygia guttata (Poephila guttata)193FASTA
XSB2999ras homolog gene family, member A [Pongo abelii]Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan)193FASTA
XSB3000Chain A, Crystal Structure Of The Rhoa.Gdp-Rhogdi ComplexHomo sapiens (human)190FASTA
XSB3001ras homolog gene family, member Ab [Salmo salar]Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon)193FASTA
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