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CL0060 : calpain-like protease

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* Basic Information

OrganismHomo sapiens (human)
Protein Namescalpain-like protease [Homo sapiens]; Calpain-5; 3.4.22.-; New calpain 3; nCL-3; htra-3
Gene Nameshtra-3; NCL3
Gene LocusNot available
GO FunctionNot available
Entrez Protein Entrez Nucleotide Entrez Gene UniProt OMIM HGNC HPRD KEGG
AAC51869 N/A N/A O15484 N/A N/A N/A hsa:726

* Information From OMIM

Not Available.

* Structure Information

1. Primary Information

Length: 639 aa

Average Mass: 72.951 kDa

Monoisotopic Mass: 72.905 kDa

2. Domain Information

Annotated Domains: interpro / pfam / smart / prosite

Computationally Assigned Domains (Pfam+HMMER):

domain namebeginendscoree-value
Peptidase_C2 1. 26342406.64.2e-119
Calpain_III 1. 352495275.21.5e-79
C2 1. 51859554.73.4e-13

3. Sequence Information

Fasta Sequence: CL0060.fasta

Amino Acid Sequence and Secondary Structures (PsiPred):

4. 3D Information

Not Available.

* References

[PubMed ID: 9367857] Mugita N, Kimura Y, Ogawa M, Saya H, Nakao M, Identification of a novel, tissue-specific calpain htra-3; a human homologue of the Caenorhabditis elegans sex determination gene. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1997 Oct 29;239(3):845-50.