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SB0043 : Integrin [beta]3

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* Basic Information

OrganismHomo sapiens (human)
Protein Namesintegrin beta-3 precursor [Homo sapiens]; integrin beta-3 precursor; platelet membrane glycoprotein IIIa; Integrin beta-3; Platelet membrane glycoprotein IIIa; GPIIIa
Gene NamesITGB3; GP3A; integrin, beta 3 (platelet glycoprotein IIIa, antigen CD61)
Gene Locus17q21.32; chromosome 17
GO FunctionNot available
Entrez Protein Entrez Nucleotide Entrez Gene UniProt OMIM HGNC HPRD KEGG
NP_000203 NM_000212 3690 P05106 173470 HGNC:6156 N/A hsa:3690

* Information From OMIM

Description: The ITGB3 gene encodes glycoprotein IIIa (GP IIIa), the beta subunit of the platelet membrane adhesive protein receptor complex GP IIb/IIIa. The alpha subunit, GP IIb, is encoded by the ITGA2B gene (OMIM:607759). The GP IIb/IIIa complex belongs to the integrin class of cell adhesion molecule receptors that share a common heterodimeric structure with alpha and beta subunits (summary by Bray et al., 1987 and Bajt et al., 1992).

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* Structure Information

1. Primary Information

Length: 788 aa

Average Mass: 87.057 kDa

Monoisotopic Mass: 87.000 kDa

2. Domain Information

Annotated Domains: interpro / pfam / smart / prosite

Computationally Assigned Domains (Pfam+HMMER):

domain namebeginendscoree-value
EGF-like domain 1. 29426.01.1
EGF-like domain 2. 29629911.00.1
Integrin beta tail domain 1. 4815298.012.3
Integrin beta tail domain 2. 5325697.018.2
Integrin beta tail domain 3. 6066284.010.4
Integrin beta tail domain 4. 6347171.011.2
Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain 1. 7427861.01.4
--- cleavage 761 (inside Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain 742..786) ---
--- cleavage 767 (inside Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain 742..786) ---
--- cleavage 773 (inside Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain 742..786) ---
--- cleavage 780 (inside Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain 742..786) ---
--- cleavage 785 (inside Integrin beta cytoplasmic domain 742..786) ---

3. Sequence Information

Fasta Sequence: SB0043.fasta

Amino Acid Sequence and Secondary Structures (PsiPred):

4. 3D Information

Known Structures in PDB: 1JV2 (X-ray; 310 A; B=27-718), 1KUP (NMR; -; B=742-766), 1KUZ (NMR; -; B=742-766), 1L5G (X-ray; 320 A; B=27-718), 1M1X (X-ray; 330 A; B=27-718), 1M8O (NMR; -; B=742-788), 1MIZ (X-ray; 190 A; A=765-769), 1MK7 (X-ray; 220 A; A/C=765-775), 1MK9 (X-ray; 280 A; A/C/E/G=765-776), 1RN0 (Model; -; B=135-378), 1S4X (NMR; -; A=742-788), 1TYE (X-ray; 290 A; B/D/F=27-466), 1U8C (X-ray; 310 A; B=27-718), 2INI (Model; -; B=81-460, B=558-716), 2K9J (NMR; -; B=711-753), 2KNC (NMR; -; B=715-788), 2KV9 (NMR; -; B=739-788), 2L1C (NMR; -; B=762-788), 2L91 (NMR; -; A=711-753), 2LJD (NMR; -; A=742-788), 2LJE (NMR; -; A=742-788), 2LJF (NMR; -; A=742-788), 2MTP (NMR; -; C=742-788), 2Q6W (X-ray; 225 A; C/F=50-61), 2RMZ (NMR; -; A=711-753), 2RN0 (NMR; -; A=711-753), 2VC2 (X-ray; 310 A; B=27-487), 2VDK (X-ray; 280 A; B=27-487), 2VDL (X-ray; 275 A; B=27-487), 2VDM (X-ray; 290 A; B=27-487), 2VDN (X-ray; 290 A; B=27-487), 2VDO (X-ray; 251 A; B=27-487), 2VDP (X-ray; 280 A; B=27-487), 2VDQ (X-ray; 259 A; B=27-487), 2VDR (X-ray; 240 A; B=27-487), 3FCS (X-ray; 255 A; B/D=27-716), 3FCU (X-ray; 290 A; B/D/F=27-487), 3IJE (X-ray; 290 A; B=27-721), 3NID (X-ray; 230 A; B/D=27-497), 3NIF (X-ray; 240 A; B/D=27-497), 3NIG (X-ray; 225 A; B/D=27-497), 3T3M (X-ray; 260 A; B/D=27-498), 3T3P (X-ray; 220 A; B/D=27-498), 3ZDX (X-ray; 245 A; B/D=27-498), 3ZDY (X-ray; 245 A; B/D=27-498), 3ZDZ (X-ray; 275 A; B/D=27-498), 3ZE0 (X-ray; 295 A; B/D=27-498), 3ZE1 (X-ray; 300 A; B/D=27-498), 3ZE2 (X-ray; 235 A; B/D=27-498), 4CAK (EM; 2050 A; B=27-716), 4G1E (X-ray; 300 A; B=27-717), 4G1M (X-ray; 290 A; B=27-718), 4MMX (X-ray; 332 A; B=27-718), 4MMY (X-ray; 318 A; B=27-718), 4MMZ (X-ray; 310 A; B=27-718), 4O02 (X-ray; 360 A; B=27-718)

* Cleavage Information

5 [sites] cleaved by Calpain 1

Source Reference: [PubMed ID: 7592818] Du X, Saido TC, Tsubuki S, Indig FE, Williams MJ, Ginsberg MH, Calpain cleavage of the cytoplasmic domain of the integrin beta 3 subunit. J Biol Chem. 1995 Nov 3;270(44):26146-51.

Cleavage sites (±10aa)


Ala761 Arg

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)


Thr767 Ala

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)


Tyr773 Lys

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)


Phe780 Thr

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)


Tyr785 Arg

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)

* References

[PubMed ID: 24176823] Zhao F, Li L, Guan L, Yang H, Wu C, Liu Y, Roles for GP IIb/IIIa and alphavbeta3 integrins in MDA-MB-231 cell invasion and shear flow-induced cancer cell mechanotransduction. Cancer Lett. 2014 Mar 1;344(1):62-73. doi: 10.1016/j.canlet.2013.10.019. Epub

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