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SB0105 : Ezrin

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* Basic Information

OrganismRattus norvegicus (Norway rat)
Protein Namesezrin [Rattus norvegicus]; ezrin; p81; villin-2; cytovillin; villin 2; Ezrin; Cytovillin; Villin-2
Gene NamesEzr; Vil2; ezrin
Gene Locus1q11; chromosome 1
GO FunctionNot available
Entrez Protein Entrez Nucleotide Entrez Gene UniProt OMIM HGNC HPRD KEGG
NP_062230 NM_019357 54319 P31977 N/A N/A N/A rno:54319

* Information From OMIM

Not Available.

* Structure Information

1. Primary Information

Length: 586 aa

Average Mass: 69.390 kDa

Monoisotopic Mass: 69.348 kDa

2. Domain Information

Annotated Domains: interpro / pfam / smart / prosite

Computationally Assigned Domains (Pfam+HMMER):

domain namebeginendscoree-value
FERM N-terminal domain 1. 10692.00.0
FERM N-terminal domain 2. 19821835.00.0
Ezrin/radixin/moesin family 1. 30133358.012.9
FERM central domain 1. 36643658.021.3

3. Sequence Information

Fasta Sequence: SB0105.fasta

Amino Acid Sequence and Secondary Structures (PsiPred):

4. 3D Information

Not Available.

* Cleavage Information

1 [sites] cleaved by Calpain 1

Source Reference: [PubMed ID: 18625712] Wang F, Xia P, Wu F, Wang D, Wang W, Ward T, Liu Y, Aikhionbare F, Guo Z, Powell M, Liu B, Bi F, Shaw A, Zhu Z, Elmoselhi A, Fan D, Cover TL, Ding X, Yao X, Helicobacter pylori VacA disrupts apical membrane-cytoskeletal interactions in gastric parietal cells. J Biol Chem. 2008 Sep 26;283(39):26714-25. doi: 10.1074/jbc.M800527200. Epub 2008

Cleavage sites (±10aa)


Met467 Thr

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)

* References

[PubMed ID: 24091598] Nakano T, Sekine S, Ito K, Horie T, Ezrin regulates the expression of Mrp2/Abcc2 and Mdr1/Abcb1 along the rat small intestinal tract. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 2013 Dec;305(11):G807-17. doi:

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