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XSB0377 : integrin, beta 2 [Bos taurus]

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This entry is computationally expanded from SB0002

* Basic Information

OrganismBos taurus (cattle)
Protein NamesIntegrin beta-2; Cell surface adhesion glycoproteins LFA-1/CR3/p150,95 subunit beta; Complement receptor C3 subunit beta; integrin; beta 2; CD18 subunit; Leu-CAM receptor; beta 2 (antigen CD18 subunit (p95); lymphocyte function-associated antigen 1; integrin B2)
Gene NamesITGB2; CD18; integrin, beta 2 (complement component 3 receptor 3 and 4 subunit)
Gene Locus1; chromosome 1
GO FunctionNot available
Entrez Protein Entrez Nucleotide Entrez Gene UniProt OMIM HGNC HPRD KEGG
NP_786975 NM_175781 281877 P32592 N/A N/A N/A bta:281877

* Information From OMIM

Not Available.

* Structure Information

1. Primary Information

Length: 769 aa

Average Mass: 84.400 kDa

Monoisotopic Mass: 84.345 kDa

2. Domain Information

Annotated Domains: interpro / pfam / smart / prosite

Computationally Assigned Domains (Pfam+HMMER):

domain namebeginendscoree-value
Integrin_beta 1. 324471059.80
EGF_2 1. 44948120.00.01
EGF_2 2. 49753416.70.035
EGF_2 3. 54157311.40.15
EGF_2 4. 58261231.04.8e-06
Integrin_B_tail 1. 622700125.81.4e-34
Integrin_b_cyt 1. 72476886.11.2e-22
--- cleavage 754 (inside Integrin_b_cyt 724..768) ---

3. Sequence Information

Fasta Sequence: XSB0377.fasta

Amino Acid Sequence and Secondary Structures (PsiPred):

4. 3D Information

Not Available.

* Cleavage Information

1 [sites]

Cleavage sites (±10aa)


Phe754 Lys

P10 P9 P8 P7 P6 P5 P4 P3 P2 P1
P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' P6' P7' P8' P9' P10'

Sequence conservation (by blast)

* References

[PubMed ID: 18577362] Lecchi C, Ceciliani F, Bernasconi S, Franciosi F, Bronzo V, Sartorelli P, Bovine alpha-1 acid glycoprotein can reduce the chemotaxis of bovine monocytes and modulate CD18 expression. Vet Res. 2008 Sep-Oct;39(5):50. Epub 2008 Jun 26.

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